How To Choose A Tactical Knife?

Tactical knives are the must-haves for those dedicated to a field job or often out for adventures. These knives serve many purposes. You may need them for everyday cutting needs, hunting, camping, or even self-defence. But the type of knife you need remains a question as there are so many varieties of knives available in the market. There are detailed defence knives, OTF knives, automatic knives, etc. It is really important to consider your preferences before you make your buy.

Our tactical gear designers say nearly any blade can serve self-defence purposes. It would be best to focus on the choices that meet your need. Your choice must be based on the activities you intend to perform with your knife. For example, Venom 4TR ACU Camo Tactical Auto OTF Knife comes equipped with heavy-duty aluminium handles and a tanto partial serrated blade for tackling your toughest cutting jobs. Tactical Sporting Goods has come up with more exclusive knives with multiple benefits. 

Let's begin with the facts and figures to help you choose the best knife made up of the best design and materials. 

Fixed Vs. Folding

The foremost aspect that needs consideration is the blade type. There are mainly two types of knives—fixed blade and folding blade. Both serve different purposes. Make sure you're buying the right one as per your needs. Talking about fixed blades, they are plain, strong, and sturdy. They are easy to clean and deploy quickly. Also, they are larger than the folded ones. These attributes altogether make this knife unbreakable and long-lasting. Fixed blade knives are especially good for duty, survival, and hunting due to their dependability. 

On the other side, the folding blade retracts into the knife's handle. Therefore, they are compact and easier to carry as they take less space. This portability feature makes folding blade knives quite a popular choice.

Let's now discuss the most common knives available.

Duty Knives

A good knife gives you the peace of mind you need. It is of great help when you want to deter a potential threat. You can also use duty knives for everyday functions, such as cutting ropes, strings, box tape, etc. A duty knife is a good option for police officers and military personnel as these knives tend to stay sharper for longer. These knives hold a great edge, resist corrosion and deploy quickly.

Utility Knives

A utility knife is any knife used for common manual work. Such knives are the source of fixed knives with durable cutting edges suitable for raw jobs such as cutting fruits, stranding animals, cleaning fish skin, and chopping timber. A utility knife can do almost everything. While searching for the best tactical sporting goods, look for a knife with great blade strength, blunt sharpness, edge retention, and high corrosion resistance.

Everyday Carry Knives

This term is sometimes abbreviated as EDC. The everyday carry knives are light in weight and easy to take along. They are compact as they are foldable knives. Therefore, they save much of your space. Moreover, they come with pocket clips that add comfort while carrying in your pockets.

Survival Knives

Then, there come the survival knives. People use these types of knives during their outdoor adventures. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or want to stay prepared for any situation, survival knives are for you. Survival knives have an attached fixed blade that aids maximum strength. They can even chop wood. Buying a knife that offers great blade strength and edge retention. These attributes make your knife unbreakable and easy to deploy. 

Survival knives are the best for survival purposes in a wild environment. You can use them during an emergency when the user has lost most of their main equipment.

Hunting Knives

A hunting knife largely depends on the type of animal being hunted. Small huntings may require a smaller, sharper blade, while larger huntings require a tough edge. 

Most hunting knives assimilate one of three main blade designs—drop point, clip point, or skinning. As the name suggests, people use hunting knives for hunting birds or animals during their camping, etc. You can attack an animal, then peel off its skin with this knife. Moreover, you can further chop and cut your fave animal into tiny meatballs. This knife is also used for gaming purposes. There comes the drop-point hunting knife for hunting large animals or birds. These blades come with a sharp curved blade that usually is more robust than the rest of the types. The hunting dagger, which we also use to hunt birds and animals, is slightly different from these knives. How is it different? Well, they differ in their traditional techniques.

Tactical Sporting Goods offer knives that have great edge retention and offer high corrosion resistance and sharp edge. It's easy to sharpen Tactical knives without much difficulty. Our blades can survive under humid, salt, and other chemical processes. 

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