Everything You Need To Know Before Buying an OTF Knife

Doesn't it sound amazing to have the perfect knife in your pocket or bag at all times? Whenever it comes to everyday carry, few items are found as useful as a pocket knife. Whether you spend the time outdoors, on the job, or in a garage or workshop, you will always find yourself reaching for a reliable knife. 

best OTF knife

With so many different knives available, how do you choose the right one? Thus, most people should go with the best OTF knife, also known as the Out-the-Front knife. These knives are incredibly handy versatile and carry the blade inside the handle when stored in your pocket. 

With the click of a button or press of a switch, you will be cutting in a moment. Most of the knives are assisted with opening knives and showing how popular these knives have become. 

Are you ready to grab the best OTF knife that money can buy? If you are wondering what factors would go into buying a knife? Stay Tuned!

Why Do You Opt for an OTF Knife?

First of all, it is important to know why you want to get an OTF knife in the first place. Also, do you know what differentiates them from the other types of pocket knives? The other name for OTF is Out the Front Knives, which deploys a blade with one hand, and at the press of a button. 

These are similar to traditional pocket knives that require two hands to pull the blade out of the handle. These OTF knives were originally designed for military applications that can open a knife with one hand and even save a life. 

OTF knives also differ from other one-handed knives, such as switchblades, and they deploy their blades out the side of the handle. With the help of an OTF knife, the blade moves forward out the front of the handle and makes it less likely to nick yourself with the blade. These days, OTF knives are widely used for outdoor pursuits such as camping, hunting, or fishing. It sounds like something you need. 

Here are some key factors when it comes to choosing an OTF knife

1: Single Vs Dual Action

When you step in the market for purchasing an OTF knife, you want to make a single action vs double action OTF. With a single action knife, the spring mechanism inside the handle will only work to deploy the blade.

Single Vs Dual Action

It means you have a one-handed operation to begin using the knife. Also, you will need to manually push the blade into the handle once you are finished using it with the two hands. 

On the other hand, a double-action OTF knife will deploy and then retract the blade by using the button or switch. Thus, it makes it a one-handed knife. So, consider your cases when deciding which type of spring mechanism to choose. 

However, if you plan to use the knife while performing tasks that occupy your other hand, you will likely want a double-action knife. If you purchase a knife for general use, you may not need double-action. 

2: Blade Type

You will find OTF knives with either a single-edged blade or a double-edged one. All these consider general-purpose knives, and people often choose a single-edge

blade. Moreover, it offers a reliable cutting surface while also providing extra safety. With one side that isn't sharp, it is less likely to cut you on accident. 

Also, its point tends to be a bit sharper than a double-edged knife. Remember, you should also know what type of tasks you will be performing regularly. A double-edged blade will serve you better than choosing a single-edged blade—all you just need to practice when using knife safety skills. 

3: Knife Weight

Most of the OTF knives come to light in weight, but a few factors determine their total weight. The blade length, the handle size, and the handle materials can all add weight. Some people prefer larger handles with grip holds for specific cutting applications, and these are going to be a few ounces heavier. Besides, it will also add bulk to your pocket. 

4: Handle

However, a knife handle offers you the best options for choosing the perfect knife. Its materials, colours, grop, texture, shape, size, and even custom graphics can make a difference. Metal handles are heavier but are most durable too. 

They are usually made with zinc alloy, and in order to get a classic look, you can choose a handle made of wood. It features a beautiful wood design along with a smooth finish. Some knives come along with a completely smooth finish which feels great in hand but can be slippery when wet. 

5: Button Type

OTF knives usually have three different blade release mechanisms. A button is available for a simple push activation. Also, you will see a switch, and they are simple to use, and you find your preference pretty quickly. 

6: Colors and Design

Most OTF knives come with a black handle, and for those looking for something with a little more flair, other colours are available. One of the most popular OTF knives includes the best handles. You will also get some solid colour options, and you can find knives with black handles and colourful hardware. All these options are available in a distinctive collection. 

7: Legality

Due to the blade of the OTF knife, it comes out automatically at the push of a switch. All these are considered switchblades. These can be best used for doing responsible practices. Thus, making use of these blades is the best option to choose. 

8: Works as Multi-functional

The Spring-assisted knife has different purposes, and not only do they open packages, but you can use them to remove splinters and many other things. No need to mention them, but they are one of the most useful tools you can carry on your adventure trip.