A+ Performance and Looks

Great looking knife. Bought this and another brand just to compare. My opinion is the Venom has tighter performance than a couple other brands for around the same price. I'm not a knife expert but I do have a large collection and also think for $20 bucks more than some others, its worth it.

Paul McCormick

Southern Sporting Goods knives are excellent quality good price

It is my third purchase and that’s how well I like these knives unlike Other manufacture that Charge up to $500 and More for their knives They are great quality and price that don’t break the bank I give five thumbs up. :) :) :) :) :)

Mario Meléndez Nieves

Price is Awesome

My 7th knife from this company and I have no complaints at all. Everyone of them is priced exactly what you would be happy paying for a knife of this quality. Oh and if your questioning what if I have a problem, I can answer this already. My 3 purchase was acting funny after a couple weeks. I contacted Southern and they immediately exchanged it out without any hassle at all. JUST A NOTE, I had an issue with another knife company and tried to get it taken care of and they went back and forth with me for a week over it. As far as the Venom Stalker, its awesome. The feel in the hand is great and the position of the switch is really nice. Action is very solid too. Can't go wrong with this buy.

Charles Mosso

Real deal, even better service.

The service from this company is way beyond expectations. They are truly a company that cares about their customers. The knife is absolutely a value for the money. No twang like the cheap stuff, the lockup is tight and performance is fast. Nothing wrong here guys. Make your purchase.

David McBride